Learn About Vacation Ownership

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  1. Stretch Your Vacation Dollars
    Most vacations involve spending your hard earned money to get there and then even more for accommodations. When you become a InnSeason Vacation Club or Timeshare Owner you lock in ownership at today’s prices and get all of the benefits of owning your own Cape Cod beach house or White Mountain chalet at a small fraction of the total cost by paying for just the time you use. Plus you don’t have to deal with the headaches of upkeep or inflated prices, which will help you relax before, during and after your vacations.
  2. You'll be Compelled to Vacation
    With all of your responsibilities tugging at your time it’s vitally necessary to make some time for yourself. Vacation Ownership forces all you workaholics and busy bodies to reevaluate the discrepancy between how you spend the majority of your days and what’s important to you. It gives you a home away from home, without the worries, to rejuvenate your spirit and create lasting memories that don’t involve an alarm clock or a spreadsheet.
  3. We're a Trusted New England Leader
    InnSeason Resorts is one of the Northeast’s premier resort development companies. By becoming an owner you will have access to all of InnSeasons™ terrific resorts in an expanding list of locations. Through an affiliation with RCI you will also receive access to high quality resorts around the world. So wherever it is you want to go we’ll get you there. Plus you’ll be joining the nearly 20,000 owners who count on InnSeason to deliver great vacation opportunities.
  4. You'll Start Your Own Vacation Legacy
    Though it may seem obvious that a benefit of owning is ownership but what this also means is that you will guarantee waterfront or mountain vacations for years to come. In addition to making your world that much bigger, you can pass along your ownership to whomever you choose to ensure great vacations for generations.
  5. Flexibility
    If you become a member of the InnSeason Vacation Club you will be able to use your points as you like. Whatever your needs may be, from a weekend getaway to the Cape or travel abroad, points allow you to plan for a quick trip or your dream vacation. This innovative system allows you to be in complete control over your precious time off. To learn more about the InnSeason Vacation Club click here.