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InnSeason owners have access to so much more than just our Signature Resorts. Our partnership with brands like RCI® and others allow owners to vacation like never before!

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What is Vacation Ownership?

Enjoy the flexibility and quality that vacation ownership with InnSeason Resorts provides in the heart of New England and throughout the world. Vacation ownership ensures the opportunity to connect with the ones you love, while often times rediscovering yourself with each new experience. InnSeason provides a lifestyle tailored to precisely what fits you the best today and for years to come.

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Benefits of vacation ownership

  • Destinations – Whether you're looking to hit New England’s finest slopes and renowned beach towns or travel abroad, vacation ownership with InnSeason Resorts provides a lifestyle that encourages a passion for travel.
  • Flexibility – With so many lifestyle differences, we provide choices on how your ownership serves you.
  • Commitment to Excellence – We strive to share our passion for a life of shared experiences through travel with each of our owners.


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Top 5 myths of Ownership

  • Myth#1: Vacation Ownership is a bad investment

    Reality: This can be true, if you intend to quickly sell for a profit or you simply don’t travel. Similar to the purchase of your home, there are factors to consider that make the most sense for every family. If you are considering getting back out there or you’re already committed to a vacationed lifestyle, it’s definitely worth taking a look.

  • Myth#2: You're locked into the same location or week

    Reality: While some Vacation Ownership plans can work that way, InnSeason Resorts makes a point to offer the flexibility of a “points” system, letting owners use their points to travel and stay however they like. Whether it’s putting points toward a stay at a different resort in a brand-new location, or just using them at your favorite resort, for a few days or even a week. The options are seemingly limitless.

  • Myth#3: Vacation Ownership costs too much

    Reality: Yes and no. While the initial cost for Vacation Ownership is more than any one hotel stay, you’re owning your vacations. That means you’re not only paying for your current vacation, but many future vacations at a resort with more features and the comforts of home for the cost of travel today.

  • Myth#4: Vacation Ownership is outdated

    Reality: InnSeason Resorts offers collections of award-winning resorts in sought-after locations. You might be surprised to find out that many vacation ownership resorts are owned or run by world-renowned hotel brands.  Enjoy the quality you deserve while satisfying the need for flexibility and a focus on the owner experience.

  • Myth#5: Vacation Ownership is only for couples

    Reality: Vacation Ownership can be for everyone! Vacation Ownership can be as unique as your individual needs. Do you travel with a group, alone or maybe a little of both? Vacation Ownership can meet you exactly where you are today and down the road.

Top 5 reasons to own

  • #1: Stretch Your Vacation Dollars

    Most vacations involve spending your hard-earned money to get there and then even more for accommodations. When you become an InnSeason Resorts owner, you lock in ownership at today’s prices and get all of the benefits of owning your own Cape Cod beach house or White Mountain chalet. All this at a small fraction of the total cost by paying for just the time you use. Plus, you don’t have to deal with the headaches of upkeep or inflated prices, which will help you relax before, during and after your vacations.

  • #2: You'll be Compelled to Vacation

    With all of your responsibilities tugging at you, it’s important to make some time for yourself. Vacation Ownership gives you a home away from home, without the worries, to rejuvenate your spirit and create lasting memories that don’t involve an alarm clock or schedule.

  • #3: We're a Trusted New England Leader

    For over 30 years, InnSeason Resorts has been one of the Northeast’s premier resort development companies. By becoming an owner, you’ll be joining the nearly 20,000 owners who count on InnSeason to deliver great vacation opportunities.

  • #4: You'll Start Your Own Vacation Legacy

    There are many benefits of ownership but perhaps the greatest, is that you will guarantee memorable vacations year after year. In addition to making your world that much bigger, you can pass along your commitment to vacation and build memories for years to come.

  • #5: Flexibility

    Vacation ownership has come a long way from your parent’s timeshare of years ago. Today, we respond to our owner’s ever-changing needs by creating an approach to vacation ownership that understands one size doesn’t always fit all.



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