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We invite you to learn more about what makes the Northeast Experience so special. We are proud to share our passion for life through travel. In the event you are discovering InnSeason Resorts for the very first time, we have included some of the most frequently asked questions to help ensure we make the most of our time together.



  • What is a preview and what to expect?

    A preview is simply the opportunity for you to learn more about Vacation Ownership through a personalized presentation focused on exactly what matters most – you! Expect to meet with a friendly and knowledgeable representative that will want to know what is important to you and share exactly how Vacation Ownership through InnSeason Resorts works. You will also tour one of our resorts along with amenities and finally, we will invite you to get involved with some exciting on-tour benefits.

  • How long is your preview?

    Previews are scheduled for 90 minutes. We allow for extra time should there be aspects of ownership you want to spend more time learning about. If you would like more time, please let us know so that we can give the same courtesy of a timely presentation to our other guests scheduled throughout the day.

  • Is this a sales presentation?

    Yes. All that we ask of you is to arrive with an open mind and enjoy your time with us. Though we believe that we offer a fantastic alternative to the way you currently travel, we also understand that Vacation Ownership is not for everyone. We will do our part to make your presentation the very best we can to help you determine for yourself if Vacation Ownership with InnSeason Resorts is the right fit for you, today.

  • When will I receive my gifts?

    You will receive your gifts once your preview is complete. Also, if any specific questions should arise prior to your arrival at the resort, we invite you to ask your InnSeason Resorts representative at the beginning of your preview.

  • What should I bring with me to my preview?

    You will be asked to present two forms of identification upon arrival to the resort preview center. The two forms of ID should include a driver’s license or government issued identification card, along with a major credit card. Also, in the event you plan on making a purchase while at the resort, some of our guests have preferred in the past to use a personal check but this is simply an option.

  • Are children welcome to attend the preview?

    Yes, we invite you to bring the whole family. We also understand that though we think Vacation Ownership is pretty exciting, your children may not share the same enthusiasm. We invite you to bring along whatever you need to make this enjoyable for the whole family.


  • Is there any obligation to buy or what is the cost to me?

    The simple answer is that the only cost to you is your time. We understand that your time is extremely valuable and we offer travel related incentives to encourage like-minded individuals and families to learn more about Vacation Ownership. We have found that though Vacation Ownership is not for everyone, it does provide a compelling alternative for those that are committed to a vacation lifestyle.

  • Do the gifts really work?

    Yes, we offer an attractive incentive program in exchange for the opportunity to meet with you. We have found that this approach allows us to place families on vacations that they may have otherwise not taken or at a minimum, send you on another adventure in addition to what you have already planned. We can’t think of a better scenario than to share our brand with those individuals and families that see the true value in the experiences that can only be found through travel.

  • What's the catch?

    Great question we understand how you feel. The reality is that we have a long history of sending fellow New Englanders on vacation both regionally and afar. Our long-standing focus on customer service has created relationships that allow us the opportunity to provide some exceptional opportunities such as what was offered to you. 
  • I’ve taken a presentation in the past. Will this be different and if so, how?

    We take pride in the fact that we are New England’s premier resort developer. One of the reasons we continue to thrive is our willingness to change and develop in response to the needs of our owners and guests. Vacation Ownership with InnSeason Resorts continues to evolve and grow. Though you may have previewed our brand in the past, we feel that the evolution of our product may fit you better today because we have changed or in some cases, your circumstances have changed and it is worth a second look now.

  • Will InnSeason Resorts contact me in the future?

    You can expect a follow-up call after your preview as part of our commitment to excellence. We are always striving to provide the best guest experience possible and your feedback is important to us. A representative from guest relations will reach out to you for a short survey following your scheduled preview.

The northeast experience

With locations stretching from the beaches of Cape Cod and coastal Maine, to the mountains of New Hampshire, InnSeason Resorts is recognized as one of the Northeast’s premier resort development companies.


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We find that the landscapes of our destinations are as unique as our owners. We invite you to take a moment to hear them describe what they love most about the Northeast Experience, in their own words.


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