Learn About Vacation Ownership

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Take a look. The choice is clear. Wouldn’t you rather stay in a spacious suite? Enjoy a living room, kitchen facilities, room for privacy and relaxation. And even better - You save money by owning...

Rental Unit   Condo Unit

Simply compare the cost of renting a standard hotel room (see above) for 2 weeks over a 30 year period. With absolutely no inflation or variation of room costs you would spend over $75,000 and own nothing. Renting the spacious suite above would cost 2 – 3 times more, equaling over $300,000 after 30 years. For just a fraction of these costs…you can enjoy that kind of vacation…for your lifetime…and gift or will it to your heirs.

And you can still vacation when you want, for as long as you want, wherever you want to go.