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InnSeason Vacation Club is an exciting new form of vacation ownership. A points program that offers all the benefits of traditional ownership as well as the extra benefits makes the InnSeason Vacation Club a unique experience.

Based on a points system, the InnSeason Vacation Club allows an owner to vacation for a week, just as a traditional timeshare does. It also allows an owner to divide his or her points over multiple stays within the InnSeason Resorts throughout New England.

You can use your points to stay anywhere from two to seven nights at any of the InnSeason Resorts. It’s as simple as choosing one of the InnSeason Resorts, choosing a week and then figuring out the points value for the stay. If the room is available, an Owner Service representative will be more than happy to book your vacation. You can use your points for one stay or ten stays!

If you, the owner want to use your points to travel outside the InnSeason network, at any of RCI’s 4,000+ resorts, you can simply login to RCI’s extensive website through your InnSeason Vacation Club Contract Page (available when you login to The Vacation Club “Owner’s Inn” at When you login this way, you will seamlessly access Your Vacation Club point balance will be shown and you’ll be able to exchange for a vacation in InnSeason Vacation Club Points. You can explore Extra Vacation Getaways and Last Call Vacations, as well as browse through all the RCI affiliated resorts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.