The changing face of travel:

How technology and changing consumer behavior can help us all navigate the future landscape of travel...and hopefully enjoy our lives more in the process.

THE CHANGING FACE OF TRAVEL: In this series, we will look at some specific topics and trends and how they may affect travel in 2021 and beyond, with the underlying goal of helping travelers get the most out of their vacation dollars.

Introduction: uncertainty & the road ahead

Amid a year of disruption and uncertainty, Americans began to reevaluate the value and definition of “downtime” and in the process began to redefine their vacations and reshape the face of travel. While recent events have certainly caused an unprecedented shift in the global travel landscape, many of these trends have been on the horizon for years and as is often the case, rapid change exposes underlying trends and elevates them to normalcy. 

As 2020 has so clearly reminded us, “time” is the most precious commodity of all. The time we spend with family and friends is often taken for granted and when we are forced to alter that time, we realize how truly important it is. Travel and vacations have always played an important  role in how we share our time with those closest to us, or to just get away from all the distraction of everyday life. It’s an investment that we make in our very health and in the foundations of our most important relationships, and it’s not money, but “time” that is the true currency.

Article 1 : Travel After COVID-19

Article 2: "Owning" your vacation

Article 3: Rise of the "Micro-Cation"

Article 4: The Drive-to vacation

Article 5: Unplug to reconnect

Article 6: Health & Wellness

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