InnSeason Management

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InnSeason Management Incorporated (IMI) is the resort management division of InnSeason Resorts. Through the direction and expertise of well-known hospitality and timeshare industry veterans, IMI provides first-class management services to resorts across New England.

IMI offers extensive resort management and development skills imperative for success in the Northeast including financial, operational and marketing experience. By working in conjunction with Homeowners Association (HOA) Boards, IMI will help maximize the quality of each guests' stay. Through working with both the Boards of Directors and the developer we are able to create solid, long-term relationships that keep owners and guests happy for years to come.

IMI currently manages 7 resorts in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. At three of the resorts they are employed directly by the Home Owner’s Association. At the other four, they are employed by the developer and parent company, InnSeason Resorts. Reservation services provided to these resorts include Fixed, Float and Vacation Club Point management. Central Reservations is now incorporated at all resort locations and is responsible for improved owner services.

Financial security is important to any resort and IMI through an aggressive collections and a rental program second to none, helps protect and improve the financial condition of the resorts they manage.

InnSeason Management Services – A basic lists of the services provided in a management contract.

  • Needs Analysis
  • Installation of equipment, including network, firewall, computers, printers, etc.
  • Installation and set-up of PMS Software
  • Set-up accounting software structure and post all opening entries
  • Review website and evaluate needs
    • Create look-and-feel of website based on templates
      (custom work by quote)
    • Set-up and host website including reservations
  • Creative/collateral needs review
  • Overview support of resort operations
  • Room advertising strategy
  • Management reporting
    • Core hotel & timeshare metrics
    • Hospitality scores internal and Exchange company
  • HR Compliance Training
    • HR documents (interview, review etc…)
    • Recruiting, including ad placement (ad cost not included)
  • SOP Documents
  • GM Support channels
  • Marketing Package development and set-up
  • HOA Meeting Management
  • HOA Newsletter
  • Fiscal Operating Budget creation and review
  • Delinquency Tracking
  • Full Central reservation functions
    • Central 800 number
  • Exchange company assistance
  • Float week reservation assistance
  • Owner Rental Program management
  • Merchant set-up for reservations processing
  • Accounts Payable
  • Bank account management and reconciliation
  • Regular financial reporting (monthly, quarterly, annual)
Assessment Billing
  • Statement creation
  • Annual billing
  • Interest assessment
  • Four follow-up statements
  • Printing
  • Labor to mail
  • Collection calls
  • Set-up and transfer accounts to Meridian Financial for outside collections
  • HOA Merchant account set-up
Computer Services
  • Hardware
    • TSW ready computers
    • Printers
    • Network Hubs
    • Firewalls
    • Routers
    • Cables
  • Software
    • Microsoft Suite
    • Terminal services
    • Anti-virus
    • Spam filtering
  • Support
    • 24-7 technical support line
    • Up to 20 hours a month of time
Data line
  • Redundant High speed Internet access
Resort Design, Re-modeling and Capital Improvement Services
  • Interior and exterior
  • Initial design review and conciliation
  • Design board proposals
  • Drawings and rendering
  • Reserve Studies
  • Budget development
  • Project management
Procurement Services
  • Group buying power for high use items
  • Includes capital items
  • PO System
  • National account relationships