The following are the various forms (both printable and online) that you may want or need to use as part of your InnSeason Vacation Club membership.
  • Accrual Form (Due June 30 each year) - A downloadable, printable "pdf" file and an online form.

    Accrual Points are points that are not used (the balance left in your account on 12/31) in the current Use Year and are saved (carried over) to the following Use Year, and subject to different booking windows.

    If you are unable to use all or some of your points during the Use Year, you MUST notify us in writing by June 30th so that the full balance of your remaining points may be accrued for use in the next Use Year. This is the form you need to fill out.

    Note: We advise filing out and filing prior to June 30. You may continue to use your points through 12/31, but this ensures that any points leftover retain their full value. (Filing by 8/31 guarantees 50% of value carried forward.)

  • Address Change - Fill out this form to change your email or mailing address. Always keep up to date.

  • Club Member Release - This is the form needed to release your unit/week to the InnSeason Vacation Club to exchange for Points, or to Deposit in the Adventure Club.

  • Maintenance Fee Payment - Arrange to pay your Maintenance Fee online electronically.

  • Monthly Pre-Payment Plan - Arrange a monthly payment plan. Paying your Club Fees a year in advance, monthly.

  • Mortgage Payment - Arrange to pay your Mortgage Payment online electronically.